Who holds the key to your heart?!

I was listening to KLVV Praise FM, and a program on “Focus on family” was on air. The lady was being interviewed speaks about how she almost lost her child. Her child name Ashlee was a cheerful and pretty child. But one day she was infected by some disease. When she send her daughter to hospital, her daugher Ashlee was in critical condition. Any time she might leave them. At that moment the lady was very angry with God. She angry why God want to let this happen to her. She have lost her sister earlier and now her daughter, Ashlee.

Later on, a voice was talking to the lady. Asking her who is this girl belongs to? The lady say, “She is my daughter”. The voice asked again, who is this girl belongs to? The lady answer again, “She is my daughter”. The third time when the voice asked the same question again…And this time the lady answer “She belongs to God”.

After she surrended her daughter to God, a nurse came to the lady (she never seen this nurse before) and she passed a white bible to the lady and she said “God wants Ashlee to have this bible when she grow older”. The lady drop down and cried to thank God. Because she willing to surrended Ashlee to God, God has send His promises to her.

Even though Ashlee still in critical condition but God has assured them of Ashlee’s healing.

Some time God give a positive answer and some time He choose to take the person away. Although the lady prayed for her sister and Ashlee but the outcome was different. God has his own purpose.

Then the lady talk bout “Who holds the key in your heart?”. She said if we are holding the key and decide our path, satan can grab the key from us and control our heart. Satan will tell us God don’t love us, God will fail us. But if we give the key to God, he will direct us to a correct place.

“Do not conform to this world but be transform by the renewing of your mind, that you may know what is that good and perfect will of God.”